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MultiFPS is complete multiplayer first person shooter project made with Unity that comes with 7 weapons, 4 gamemodes, and 4 maps.

Quick overview of MultiFPS

MultiFPS is available on:
8 Item Types
multifps - items
Custom holding animations for items
multifps - inventory system Every item can have assigned it's own holding, equiping and movement animations
Inventory system
Inventory system + UI that gives player proper feedback about what items does he hold, and what can he swap for new item
mtpskit - defeating enemy with rifle
Bot AI
Game can be set to spawn bots when there is not enough players.
They will engage in fight against enemy team, and if gamemode based on rounds is being played, like Defuse or Team Eliminations, dead players can take control over bots in their team.
mtpskit - defeating enemy with rifle
Every player present in game will see dead bodies in exactly same pose.

Ragdolls react accordingly to player movement and weapon that was used to kill him
mtpskit - defeating enemy with rifle
Detailed Killfeed
Killfeed shows weapons, and conditions in which given player was killed
mtpskit - defeating enemy with rifle
In game chat that also notifies players about major game events, like players joining/disconnecting session
mtpskit - defeating enemy with rifle
    MultiFPS's most important features:

  • Fully synchronized FPP controller

  • 8 items: Knife, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, SniperRifle, Rocket Launcher, Grenade, Bomb

  • Weapon recoil depented on player movement, represented by crosshair

  • Melee attacks for every weapon

  • 4 maps, where one of them is showcase for various features

  • 4 Gamemodes: Deathmatch, TeamDeathmatch, TeamEliminations, Defuse

  • BotAI

  • Scoreboard, with kills, deaths and ping

  • Spectator mode, where you can spectate other players from first person perspective when you're dead

  • Taking control over bots in your team when you are dead

  • Synchronized ragdoll with applying gun and movement force on death

  • Custom player position and rotation synchronization

  • Bullet penetration through players and selected environment objects

  • Pooler for particles

  • Cosmetics for character model and items, with UI panel to select them

  • Pause menu

  • Mouse sensitivity and audio volume sliders in pause menu

  • Lodout panel in pause menu, so player can choose which weapon he will have on next spawn

  • In game text chat

  • Server list system
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